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TitleNet Prototype Production System
TitleNet is an online title insurance production syststem for title insurance agents and agencies.  The system is designed to serve as the database for all transactions and interactions with the agency's customers and underwriters.  Information entered into the system is used to create all the necessary disclosures, documents, affidavits, policies, closing statements, etc., that are needed for the title insurance agency to operate as such.

The first step in using the system is to obtain a username and password below.  This creates an Agency Administrator UserId.  The Agency Administrator is the user which is authorized to input, update, and maintain the most basic information about the agency, such as the name of the agency, the document templates which are available to agency staff, the specific exceptions used by the agency, and other settings as well.   The Agency Administrator can then create System Users.  System Users are able to use the title production system's operational functions, such as creating title commitments and policies, but System Users cannot create further users and they cannot manage or access administrative options.

New Users Start Here:  Obtain Admin UserName for Title Production System
All registered users can log in to their agency's production system by clicking here: TitleNet Production Module
If you have an Adminstrator UserId then you can also log in to the adminstrators' section by clicking here:   TitleNet Administration Module    


Escrow Ledgerrgerr

This is an online escrow ledger web application. Once you create a username and password by clicking on the link below, you can add individual escrow files to your profile, and then track your disbursements and deposits.  You'll be able to print out an escrow agreement to use for the transaction, and coming soon, the ability to obtain detailed reports of these transactions.

Escrow Ledger    (Obtain UserName for Escrow Ledger Application )


You are free to use these application, but they are hosted here for example purposes only.

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